Nathan was in charge of New Ashland at the time Romello was imprisoned there. Though the people had elected him into office, he wanted more power. He worked alongside Dr. Benway to find a way to terrorize the people into becoming his slaves.

He serves as an antagonist in the story.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Nathan came to Camp McLaughlin alongside many of his highschool classmates. They elected him mayor, and he appointed several people to work for him, including Boris and Rolf, though he often regreted the latter.

During the month between the epidemic and Romello's arrival, Dr. Benway appraoched Nathan and explained his plan to enslave the town using rabies. Nathan agreed, thinking only of the power, and not believing he would actually have to use force.

While working with Benway, he had to oversee the murders of Natalie, AJ, and Molly, and tried to convince himself they were guilty. Boris eventually realized he was guilty, and tried to kill him, but Nathan abandoned Boris in the woods to be devoured by wolves as he drove safely back to camp.

Though beaten and tattered, Nathan resumed office after a short stay in the hands of a medic. His crimes were never discovered by Rolf.


Every aspect of Nathan was described as frail; from his voice to his hair to his frame. He succesfully lead the people of New Ashland and was respected, but could be easily manipulated by Dr. Benway.


  • Nathan commited suicide four months after Romello and Hope left.
    • His position was filled by Julia.