Romello was a sixteen year old boy living in Portland, Oregon, during the time of the epidemic.

The majority of the story is focused on him, and he serves at the primary protagnoist.

Pre ApocalypseEdit

Before the pandemic hit the globe, Romello lived happily with his mom and dad in the Portland suburbs. He had friends at high school, and lived down the street from a fourteen year old named John.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Romello and John lived in Romello's house for a month. Eventually the two migrated out and met up with Jed, Eli, Natalie, and several others, who were going to San Francisco to reach safety.

Later he was imprisoned in New Ashland, falsely charged with murder. He managed to escape, but was exhonerated in his absence. Overwhelmed by love for his friends, he returned to save them.

He and Hope decided to keep the mission alive, and head to San Francisco, while Eli and Gary chose to stay behind.


Romello is scared and somewhat mentally unstable. He takes the lead when absolutley depended upon, but for the most part is not independent enough to know what to do or how to assure himself. He is haunted by the evil around him, but completley unsure how to combat it.


John- Romello and John knew eachother before the epidemic. They stayed in Romello's house for a month before leaving, and developed a dysfunctional relationship. John primarily used Romello, knowing Romello held John in a place of sentiment.

Eli- Eli constantly made fun of Romello, but the two described eachother as borthers and best friends. When the two parted ways, both cried.

Hope- Hope and Romello were great friends, and found much in common, both having been falsley imprisoned. Eventually, they decide to leave all their friends behind and chase their dream of safe haven together.